Monday, April 01, 2013

Animal April Fools!

It's the first of April (2013, obviously) and the Internet has been filled with 'animal' style April Fools jokes.

On the Official RSPCA Facebook page, the charity commented: "We've noticed an alarming rise in rabbits coming into our centres with bright orange fur, caused by eating too many carrots. We're concerned that the economic downturn means that people are relying on cheap bags of carrots rather than hay to make up the bulk of their rabbits' diets."

They added a quote from a supposed Rabbit welfare scientist, 'Professor Roger Lapin', that said:  “Massive overconsumption of carrots can cause carotenosis – just like in humans."

Barclaycard also got on board, with a new 'contactless payment for dogs' called PayWag. Check out their promo video below!

It's a confusing idea as some of the points put forward in the video - e.g. when out for a dog walk with no wallet - actually sounds like a great idea.. Unless someone steals your dog's collar of course..

Maxi Zoo in Ireland also added a bunny related April Fools to their Facebook page this morning, saying: "Meet the Tigebit. Scientists from Blarney have discovered a rabbit with tiger markings in Borneo" Brilliant.

Did you see any others? Let me know!

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